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Our month wandering in our caravan has sadly come to an end. I wanted to let you know that all has gone smoothly with our Centrelink payments, which started whilst we were away. Also the monthly amount is coming from our super as expected. Thank-you for all you have done to make our transition to retirement so easy.

Margaret and Chris Petrie.

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On its own or as an additional component of our strategic Financial Planning Advice we can research your current investment program and determine if you are paying too much in fees, tax or just aren’t getting the best returns for the risk you are taking.

Our Investment program is based on the premise that returns are not free and are determined primarily by how much risk you are prepared to take.

Within your risk profile we ensure your portfolio is the most efficient, cost effective and tax effective for the risk you are comfortable with.

Much like our strategic Planning Service we are aiming to construct the optimal investment strategy using our strategic investment approach. Our Investment Philosophy document (available from your adviser) includes information on how our portfolios are managed with the primary aim of risk reduction, optimisation of returns, lowering tax and cost effectiveness.

Our initial investment Plans start at $770.  Ongoing fees do apply.

How we manage wealth

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Ongoing Portfolio Management

Regular reviews of your investment management portfolio lead to higher returns and ensure that your portfolio remains best fit for you.

Asset Allocation is the primary portfolio decision

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Low cost is a critical success factor

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It’s never too early to invest in your future