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How do we charge for our services?

Your first appointment with a Jigsaw Financial Planning adviser is free of charge. This is to allow us to get to know each other and to determine if there is a personality fit and if we can provide value to you.

We may conduct a second meeting free of charge if we believe it would be beneficial for both parties to get to know each other further.

We charge in the following manner:

Strategic Advice

Prior to commencing work you will receive a quote based upon the work required to plan and implement our recommendations. We base the quote on our time rates below to provide a fixed price.

Principal:               $300 per hour plus GST

Advisers                $250 per hour plus GST

Paraplanning:         $160 per hour plus GST

Administrators:       $90 per hour plus GST

A typical retirement plan averages $2,500 to $4,500 in planning and implementation fees. 

Insurance Brokerage

In the event we provide insurance advice we will generally receive insurance brokerage for any policy that you proceed with in lieu of charging for our time related to the insurance advice. This amount will be fully disclosed to you in our advice.


Annual Portfolio Investment Advice & Administration Service Fees

Our ongoing portfolio investment advice and administration service fees are currently

 (i)       0.80% per annum (plus GST) for amounts up to $500,000


(ii)       0.50% per annum (plus GST) for amounts above $500,000



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