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How we select the best insurer

In order of priority, we feel the following criteria should be considered when choosing a life insurer.

 Assessing the Company’s Capacity to Meet Claim Payments – This is best assessed by considering the company’s Standard & Poors credit rating.

 None of us would ever want to go through a HIH type experience.

 Assessing the Company’s Displayed Willingness to Pay Claims – This is best assessed by the experiences of your broker.

 A low premium would be soon forgotten if a claim was denied or contested.

 The Terms and Conditions of the Policy Being Offered – Terms offered by the various life insurers vary significantly and it is vital to understand the precise extent of the cover that is being offered.

 Again a low premium would be no consolation for an unmet claim.

 The Renewal Terms Offered by the Insurer – Your ability to renew your insurance for as long as you wish is vital.

 We prefer to only recommend guaranteed renewable policies with an expiry date that is at or after your preferred retirement date.

 The Current and Future Projected Premiums Rates – Lastly, we believe that the policy offered must provide reasonable value for money.

 Current & future projected premiums must be competitive even after taking into account all of the previous four criteria.

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